Second night in a row   
Tuesday September 18 2007 at 22:41pm
  Second night in a row he has ruined

I tried to be compromising and asked him to get what he needed from the bathroom so I could have a bath, and he gets all rude and nasty, and runs in there to prevent me from having a bath...

And again I get shit froma parent..

I hope my brother does the world a favor and kills himself or something

You who read this may think I am a horrid person for that.

Kinslaying may be a horrible sin in almost all religions, more so than murder itself.. but wishing for their death is not as bad.

ORit isn't to mehaving put up with that... piece of shit in human skin.. Ugh. I cant WAIT until he is gone. Forever. Stupid... little...

If he sprays Axe in there... HE will fucking regret it. I don't know what I will do.. But he will regret it.

If things keep going like this.. and if he keeps being an ass....
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I know I have not updated in ages..   
Monday September 17 2007 at 23:14pm
  But right now I am so.. fucking... annoyed..

My brother works at a gas station
At night
I hope he gets shot
and dies all alone with no one there beside him

That is all.
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Sorry everyone   
Monday February 12 2007 at 22:46pm
  Well sorry to everyone for not being online much. Well technically I AM online, just not here or on AIM/MSN. WoW has taken over all spare time practically. GO KAILIANNA! She's a level 23 hunter, with a level 23 pet named Simus (means feline companion in the language of the D&D Elves). Hm, it is one letter away from your name here, Sidus! =O Gasp!

yeah.. So anyways. Life with my brother is irritating the hell out of me. How many times must he be told, by myself AND my parents NOT TO SPRAY AXE BODY SPRAY IN THE HOUSE?!
I had a bit of a tantrum today as Joel was over.. he was very supportive actually. Yay :3 I am so glad I found him. Can't see why he was single either.. @_@ seems kinda strange. But then again, I am usually baffled why so many guys are single that I know... they are like.. great guys.. @_@


I think I mentioned I failed the first time... BUT I PASSED IT THE OTHER DAY!! ! On Friday, actually.. =D =D Which is great. Now I don't need to worry about it for a long while. I still have to renew my license in May. WTF is up with that? Money grabbing Ontario.. -_-*

Oh, and the evil lady Karla Holmoka (I think I spelt it right) is pregnant. Fucking law people didn't think at the time she did all the evil crap with Paul Bernardo that a woman was capable of doing such horrible things. I still think she kinda coerced him into doing some of the crap. Stupid woman she is.And now she is gunna have a kid.. -_-****

Not much I can do but complain though, eh?

anyways.. I will TR?Y to get back here and all that to paying attention to the world around me outside of Joel, school and WoW. My date with Joel on V-day is going to be the quest in the Deadmines. What is a better date than killing Defias in a dungeon?

.... That makes me feel like such a nerdy girl.....
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Friday January 26 2007 at 00:16am
  So I found my glasses, they were in some blankets on my bed. Great place for 'em, no?

Anyways, this will be very short and to the point.

The TA in class gave us advice on papers, some was important, other stuff I'd heard in all my other classes. But he does not really care about secondary sources. AWESOME, since he will mark the next paper I write for that class.

I have an appointment at the ear specialist tomorrow. Hopefully I will figure out why my ears keep going bad.

Then after that, I have to be at another workshop. this one to teach me how to write a "Response" paper. Bah. Well, doctor is at 9:15, then I have the workshop at 10.. And I am usually at the office for very little time.. so it should work out. I hope.

Then I have my Canadian Drama course, which I hope I don't miss if I fall asleep in between the workshop and the class. But I guess to stay awake I can do the report, then do my readings. Oh I should figure out where int he heck the workshop is. I think it is 2150 in the CCIT building, but I am not sure. Oh well.

Thats all, I think. No wait, I've been having random pains in my sternum. Anyone have any ideas on what would cause things like that?
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Thursday January 25 2007 at 12:18pm
  So I should be going to the bus right now, but I have lost my glasses...

I need them so I can see in class... T_T
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Thursday January 25 2007 at 01:08am
  Kinda slow day. Again I am very tired.. My head hurts tonight, I didn't get the school thing done I wanted to finish. Sigh. Lazy silly me. I HAVE to have it done by tomorrow and posted. Blargh.. I could start it tonight, and then finish it tomorrow. I don't even remember how long it is supposed to be.. 150 wordsmaybe? It is on what we learned from the workshop.. Well damnit, I didn't learn anything really new. I learned very little.. I guess it is time to BS! I am good at that stuff. Just make sure not to ramble Natty!!

The TA will be doing the lecture for Shakespeare tomorrow.. =O On Hamlet to! so this should be good!! 2 hour TA lecture, YAAY!

and I'm hungry.. Guess I didn't eat enough today.. Mebbe I'll go grab a cookie or somethin', I like cookies.. ^___^

My ears are aching again today, occasionally itchy too. I think me mother has made an appointment for me to go see the specialist doctor guy. Hope he can figure out WHY the infection keeps coming back. At least it has helped me stop needing earplugs to sleep. Sometimes I miss them, and feel like I need them when it gets noisy when I am trying to sleep.. But I am getting better at sleeping with noise! YAY!

Not much else happened to me today. My brother managed to clog a toilet again. He needs more fiber in his diet to counteract the effects of his medications.. -_-* he also leaves dishes unwashed, doesn't bother to turn on the dishwasher if it gets really full.. Leaves empty containers out on the counter instead of tossing them in recycling..
Dumb boy.

I can't wait until he leaves this house. We don't have the money for him to live here and constantly ask for money or cause problems.. Sigh.
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Tuesday January 23 2007 at 22:40pm
  Alright, I passed both! and I got a C in the one I was worried about! AWESOME! I was worried it'd be in the D range. C is not great, but it is better than a D or an F. Right?  
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Tuesday January 23 2007 at 22:27pm
  Ick. Doesn't random sneezing feel good, but it is also annoying?

Anyways, so my ear is still pretty darn bad.. No fun, it is swollen shut insideor something. T_T

Damn.. ear...

Anyways today was interesting.The TA for Shakespeare still didn't have the papers he was marking to hand back.. ^^;; I got mine but only because the prof marked it..hehehehe.. and the prof let us out 10 or 15 minutes early!! YAY!
So Joel came over, he worked on study notes, I did some class readings, then worked on nesting on my bed. and being all.. odd. I have been out of it lately. I was almost like a kitten, a sleepy kitten. Stretching out, pawing at something I hung above me just for that purpose... Napping a little.. being all fidgety! yay!

I might see him this weekend if he can get Sunday off of work. Hang out on Saturday or something like that, maybe go see a movie. You know, I've never really been on a 'normal' date with him. Our dates, well getting out of the house and all, have been to the zoo, the museum, the Royal Winter Fair, and the Royal Medieval Faire. Other times we go out to the mall to get what we need for gifts and whatever.. Otherwise,it is just hanging around either my place or his.

So marapets is down. Maybe I should do some of my class readings for history. Well I should atleast checkout the class page and all.. ^^;;;Right??

Anyhoo,made a milkshake for myself tonight.. I love those! I need to figure out all sorts of things to make with this new blender... ^_^
Now, just for fun, because I accidentally hit the key already...

Okay, now that thats over and done with.. I can get back to writing this entry.

I wonder why I can't write a 'normal' entry. I go all over the place all the time. Not overly organized or anything remotely close..

Oh. Well I remembered something I want to rant about and bitch about. The headphones I got for Christmas already stopped working. Somehow, in less than a month, the wire is already freyed near the plug of them. I have to move and twist it to get one headphone working, if I am lucky I can get both.. but I have to hold it there to make it work. I wonder if there is a warranty on them.. I have another pair I can use.. but these are small and handy, and I like them..

Oh right, I have to work on looking ata new phone possibly

better do that before I forget, and I should check my marks..*cringe*
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Monday January 22 2007 at 23:42pm
  So, no voice post tonight, class goes till 9 on Monday's so not tonight.. I will try to find me mic tomorrow to try and create one, and think of what to say during class tomorrow. I suppose I could read something that is for my class readings, no? I think it'd work fairly well.. But be kind of silly.

so I'm really tired tonight. Joel is stressing rather badly, making him self somewhat sick to. He forgot to print out the bibliography for his assignment, luckily we were able to get to his house to print it off. One crises averted! whoo! It is a good thing I was looking at his assignment earlier in the day and noticed it. Now, he will do what I suggested, type it up on a page after his assignments and all. That way he won't forget to print it off ever again! ^_^

I am smart, yay!

Well not really XP
Ugh, it is quarter to midnight, and I am dead tired, didn't do all the readings for history class, I NEED to do all the readings up to week four by NEXT Tuesday, so the 30th. I've read some of them, but I should re-read them all and take notes. Good notes. Blah, something I am not too good at in truth. Lectures are easy to take notes, but readings, not so easy for me.

Oh well, I should get going to take me bath, then get to bed. Class is in less than 12 hours (and I like at least 8/9 hours sleep)

Wee.. 2 hour class tomorrow.. -_-* then a 1 hour class after an hour. But I get to see Joel! YAY!
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Already behind   
Monday January 22 2007 at 00:08am
  So I am already somewhat behind in my readings for school. Got distracted this weekend and didn't do them. Sigh. I did SOME of the reading, not all of it though. Blast.
Oh well. I will blame my irritable stomach!! It has been mad at me lately. So very upset. I don't know why either. Is it because I have been trying to cut out all the really bad stuff from my diet? Hope not.
Need to get healthier.

Anyways. Brothers girlfriend is staying here for a while. A week or so, something like that. The friend she is living with is away for that time so she is staying here. Not sure on the details of why she isn't staying at home, I do know that her parents treat her very badly, very bad indeed, so she can't live with them and stay safe.

I get to see my boy tomorrow, yay! And the new season of Rome seems interesting.. Squeee! Not much violence shown yet though. Sigh. No naked men yet either. Sigh.

I guess I will be looking at posting a voice clip as well soon, since Sidus did, and Cirrus will. Eep. I wonder ifthe built in mic in this works.. Hmm, if not, where my headset one is and if it still works. I sound girlie and I don't like it too much, but sigh.. Not much I can do, right?

What else is new in me life.. Hm.. I do not know.. Well iTunes does not have X-Japan tracks... WAAHHHH!! So sad about that.. I want their songs on me iPod! but their CD's are EXPENSIVE. Anyone care to spend $50+ to get me one? XD


Ohhh, I should get MapleStory on here again! Ugh, feel kinda silly having spent the money on it then stopping playing. But school was getting busier, and I was ignoring school 100%.. So I couldn't play so much. Plus people were missing me, so I had to talk to them.

Joel still has not gotten the Wii yet. It will probably be a long time still. Sigh. Poor boy.. I wish I could go and get one for him, I do!

I just don't have the money T_T

I also don't have the money to get him tickets to the Queen stage production thing. Phooy. the tickets are not cheap, about 100 dollars probably. Sigh. I should maybe talk to him bout it.
Or maybe they will have a sale on tickets or something.
Wait, they did, but I didn't get them then.. Stupid me. But they were still expensive, and I wasn't sure on scheduling and all that. Blast.

I should probably be quiet now, go for my bath, then try to do some of the reading. I usually had all the readings for Major British writers done last term. now I think I've only had one of two done. Well it'll be one of three tomorrow, don't think I can finish it all by tomorrow. Ah well, right now I dun care
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Should really be in bed.. but...   
Friday January 19 2007 at 01:13am
  I decided to do this instead. A short entry.

School has been okay. Did well on my essay for Shakespeare, Prof marked it and I did better this year than I did with him last time I had him. Yay! We start Hamlet on Tuesday. Joy? Third time doing the play in a class. Whooo! It is a great play, but I wonder how much more I'll learn from it =P

Canadian Drama is okay.. History,need to go to the workshop tomorrow and such, then type of the position paper. Ugh. I dun wanna do that, but I have to... SIGH I also need to go photocopy the play for my Canadian Drama class before class.. Was not there when I went there today. So I really had not much of a choice, wasn't feeling well so I didn't want to hang around after class to see if it came in.

And I got a HORRIBLE chill on Tuesday night. Went to the school with Joel to hang out with him before his class, after having made him watch VHD: Bloodlust.. =P

Anyways, I get to the bus stop at around 6:13or so, the bus is supposed to come at 6:09, so i figured I'd missed that one, but there was a man at the stop, so either he missed it too, or that bus didn't show up. Next bus is at 6:19, so I wait, and wait, with all the other people waiting, and it does not come. the next bus is at 6:29, it comes a few minutes late. 6:19 bust never showed up.

So I was in the cold, for 20 minutes.. and got badly chilled..Got a minor cold, felt sick last night.. most of yesterday
Failed the test for full drivers license by 6 points stupid little things too.. Oh well Maybe I'll pass next try.

nd thats about it.. May plan a bit of a road trip with Joel for reading week, but that might not work out. Might need to wait until school is out and all =D

Well bath time then bed time..
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Monday January 15 2007 at 00:05am
  So I tired to clean my room a few days ago, even did a little on my desk.. not that looking at my desk would show anything was done.. -_-* how I manage to make my desk so cluttered so easily.. I'll never understand.

Phooy. I guess I should do a small clean up before Joel comes over tomorrow. though not like it matters too much, right?

So, I have to go to the mall tomorrow morning (UGGHHH!!) then to the book store, then the school library. NEed to figure out my UTORid password there,and print off the play I needto read for class at 2PM that day >< If I get there at 1with Joel, and photocopy themall, I can probably read mostof the play. It wasn't online like I had hoped it was.. Damn.

I guess I am already falling behind. And I think I may need to go get my keyboard replaced soon.. the space bar doesn't always work.
Oh and I also need to order that play for next monday. will do that tomorrow...

anyways,I guess this will be it.. a nice short entry..
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Friday January 12 2007 at 01:04am
  My nose has been all stuffy and it is driving me nuts! UGH!
My skin is all dry.. I cut my finger some how.. I would really like to know how I did that one. I usually miss when I do things like that. Could it be an injury from a dream? Hm.
I did wake up one night this week feeling like I had done a major workout in my sleep.

Anyways, on the subject of dreams. Had this strange one last night. Was in some city, made a bunch of new friends. Then these people came. Werewolf hunters or something. They captured and dragged off a lot of them, the whole werewolf community was in an uproar because the people attacked them to capture when they knew they people could not transform to their werewolf forms.

So I was in some subway place, and they capture me. They are wrestling me to the ground.. And I snarl at them.. Bit through one of their hands, taking off their fingers, I curse at them and yell "I AM NOT A WEREWOLF I AM A DRAGON!!" and I break away and run off, all bloody because of the person I mutilated.
There was also someone in the dream I haven't thought of for a while. Though he'd said some pretty cruel things to me in real life "We only hung out with you because our mother made us. I was never really your friend" (which is BS because I KNOW that when he, his twin and myself hung out we had awesome times).
Can't remember exactly what was going on with him, we were going somewhere, tied into the whole werewolf huntng thing, maybe he was one of them? I know he wasn't one of the the hunters.

But yeah. Sometimes I'd love to be able to yell out in real life that I am a dragon trapped in human form. I cry and long for my wings. Sometimes when it is a beautiful sky and a lovely day or night, my eyes fill with tears as I look to the sky because I know I cannot go up there with my own power. My wings are gone. Sometimes I can feel them. Sigh.

Maybe it is just a vivid imagination that makes me feel that way, but does anyone really know all the worlds, realms, universes out there? No. I believe in reincarnation, and I believe it is possible for people to come back as worms, so why not as a dragon? I know I've had a good number of lives as a human, but I don't know the reason why.

Oh I want to fly again so damn badly. Maybe I am just too attached to this world to get back my wings and return home?Those I love and care for couldn't come with me, not all of them atleast, and I'd never see them or talk to them again.. mayeb thats why I am stuck here.

Darn my emotions.. >< Trying to make me all confused.

Now if only I could survive here in dragon shape. My friend and I joke about getting our true forms back in this world, and how much fun we could have! hehehe... IT'd be great!

Erk, 1:15, should get into my bath then get to sleep. I haven't read the play for class, but I guess I could try and download it offline before I go to sleep or in for my bath anyways..
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Thursday January 11 2007 at 01:17am
  How does my brother make so much noise in the shower? It amazes me. Bang, boom, STOMP
Shakes the bloody house too!

Stupid boy. -_-*

He better not be going out again

Anyways, he was not accepted into the out patient program for rehab. Bad bad bad. I don't know what he is going to do.. but he needs to do SOMETHING with his life. If he just sleeps all day and parties all night, I'll be livid. Would not be fair to myself or my parents if he got a free ride.
and burned up all the money, making inheritance when my parents pass on later in life a few bucks, meanwhile we have to sell the house.. -_-*

He's silly.


Still need to go get my UTORid thinggie worked out. I should've called Joel tonight to ask him where he went, but I think I need to go to the library. Maybe I Should go tomorrow. Ah hell, I'll go on Friday. before or after class, I dunno. I guess before makes sense. I could even do it on monday, no? In between 3-6. that way Joel can be dragged along! Whooo!!

Today was fun. The play for Canadian Drama was funny. 1830's time period.. Girl wants to go to University (of Toronto in fact XD) and cant get in because she is female.. So she dresses like a man, does SUPER and such, and then reveals to all her friends she made she is in fact a she, not a he.. and has them promise to help her make it so girls can attend university.



Anyways, two years after the play was published, women were actually allowed into university! YAY!

Some sad news to report though. My aunts sisters daughter has a brain tumor. She began to have epileptic seizures, and they scanned her, and she had a tumor. Her older brother had the exact same thing too, along with some other health problems, but they got rid of the tumor. In her case, they don't know how bad it is yet.
Last time I saw her she was slightly hung over from the night before. @_@
I wonder if what has afflicted both her and her brother is genetic. However, in her brother it was from a VERY early age it struck. Must suck for the family. Good news for them though, the eldest brother doesn't need to go overseas to the war zone anymore. they thought he'd have to, but apparently he does not have to go anymore. He just got married and his wife is 6 weeks pregnant or something like that.

So my brother is playing guitar. Smart. 1:15 AM, it goes through doors and walls. Good job lil bro, good job.

Well he justput it away, I can hear him doing it.. XD he opened his door before he did. -_-*


And, I should go kick me bro out of the bathroom, so I can take my bath.

Should've logged off sooner, but got to chatting with people and typing this. Darn.
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Wednesday January 10 2007 at 00:39am
  No, no surprises.. I just felt like titling this that way.

I can't remember if I mentioned this last night, did I even post last night? OH I did post last night,t he clock thing, I remember that.. But don't remember if I mentioned my paper/test I got back.

I GOT AN A- ON MY TEST!! SQUEEEE!!! GO ME! At least I think it is an A-, don't remember the whole grade scheme thing for what is A, B, C, D and F ranges.

Nix says:
Hey Natty. ^^ How are you?
Natalia says:
I'm okay, you?
Nix says:
Im good. *is sitting with hot chocolate*
Natalia says:
ohh.. I was thinking of making that
Natalia says:
then my mind was all "what if I make it with melted ice cream instead of milk..."
Natalia says:
then I had a bowl of ice cream instead
Nix says:

My mental process makes me giggle. And the sad thing is,I don't TRY to be silly like that, I just am naturally. I should forget my stories that are kinda longish, and write childrens books. Maybe I can get one or two published. If George R. R. Martin can write kids books and awesome, sexually explicit at time fantasy novels... Why can't I do the same??

Ahem, so. MY day!

HIS101 looks like it may be a BLAST. Nervous about the critiquing other peoples works part.. but I think I may be able to do it. OH I need to login to the course page.
Ah well, later, after I finish this.

I should also look at logging into Facebook, the Rocky Marquette message board I go to, My Space... Been neglecting all that lately. Sigh.

Anyways, Shakespeare was alright Before class I talked to this guy I know from my intro to Medieval studies course, Will. Yep yep, he is also going into English and History! but both are majors.

Anyhoo. Saw Joel after class (YAY!) and since my dad could pick me up, we came back to me house. Hung out for a bunch, and watched Ninja Scroll. He liked it. Yay! Now I need to find my VHD Bloodlust DVD to watch with him.. even though it always makes me cry...T_T

House was bloody awesome tonight!

Thatpoor sick guy in it though! *won't go into details because she dun want to post possible spoilers*

Tried to get music using this Yahoo programs with Rogers (my ISP) but it only BOOKMARKS the song, doesn't download it. IT LIES! "get free music downloads for a month" isnt a download a hard copy of something? Bastards. Telling lies to me! I DON'T LIKE BEING LIED TO!

Anyways, should do the course thing, then get ready to get ready for bed...
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